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Consumer Acceptability
Leader: Amanda Emnett
Makes sure that our vehicle is both safe and comfortable. Also works on packaging of vehicle components to achieve final-market quality.

Drive and Performance
Leader: Andrew Harmon
Works on the engine and mechanical systems of the equinox. Ensures that the vehicle drives smoothly and reliably.

Leader: Scott Rainwater
Deals with the battery and overall wiring system of the vehicle. Works with TUCX computer interface.

Emissions and Energy Storage Systems
Leader: Clara Seaman
Works on the HTUGo skid, which provides an electrical power source to the vehicle. Also is in charge of emissions reduction.

Leader: Michael Kennedy
Maintains the TU Challenge X website and works on official reports required by Challenge X. Also, works on video editing as well as marketing strategy alongside the Outreach team.

Leader: Mari Riera
Writes the TU marketing plan and collecting data to help with marketing strategy. Will deliver marketing presentations and set up interviews with both English and Spanish newspapers and television stations.




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